• WIM Vantika Agrawal won again National Child of the Year award 2017 for exceptional achievements in Chess !
  • GCA Coaches Sandeep Chitkara and Akshay Anand won prizes at Delhi International Open 2018 !!
  • Mr Sandeep Chitkara with her students Vantika Agrawal & Anishka Vikram at World Youth!
  • GCA Coaches Sandeep Chitkara, Aryan Singh and Akshay Anand won prizes at Delhi International Open 2017 !!
  • GCA Coach Akshay Anand won Delhi State Seniors FIDE Rating Chess Championship 2017!! GCA Coach Aryan Singh got 4th position!
  • GCA Coaches Akshay Anand and Aryan Singh won Punjab State Open Chess Championship 2016 and Delhi State U 25 Chess Championship 2016 respectively !!
  • Vantika Agrawal of Genius Chess Academy won the National Child of the Year award for exceptional achievement in Chess !
  • Delhi State Champions 2017: Abhinav Raj (U 7 Boys, 1st), Anishka Vikram (U 11 Girls, 3rd)
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Magnus Carlsen of Norway retained his title when he beat the Russian challenger Sergey Karjakin 6-6 (Classical), 3-1 (Rapid Tiebreakers) to win the FIDE World Chess Title for the third time at New York on November 30, 2016.

Carlsen celebrated his 26th birthday in style, winning the four game rapid contest that lasted 209 moves in all on the final day. This was the best the spectators got in lower Manhattan venue of New York.

After game one and the exciting game two were drawn, Carlsen won the last two to wrap up the tie-break at 3-1. Carlsen first became champion in 2013 unseating Viswanathan Anand at Chennai. He then retained his title in Sochi, Russia against Anand yet again.

The New York match was thought to be the closest and indeed it was. Both players born in 1990 contested the 12-match series that ended in a 6-6 tie. Tie-breaks are unfortunate for world title events but matches cant be allowed to go endlessly like it happened in 1984-1985 when FIDE terminated the Karpov v Kasparov match after 48 games due to the health of the players and the financial drain of the organisers!

The second rapid game saw Karjakin sacrifice material to get a sensational draw. Thereafter, in the third game he could not be recognised. Carlsen sliced his way through with a brilliant pawn sacrifice on move 30 to plant a knight and win the game. Karjakin lost the fourth game playing the Sicilian defence.

The eighth game defeat rocked Carlsen in New York. He sprang to life in game ten and then banked his chances in the tie-break and closed the door in classical chess by drawing game 12.

Team India

The Asian Nations Cup Chess Championship began at the Novotel Abu Dhabi Al Bustan hotel with 20 countries competing for the right to represent Asia in the World Chess Team Championship.

The ninth (final) round saw the leaders India take on the Vietnamese, with even a draw assuring the title. India won against them comfortably with a margin of 3-1 and clinch the title. 

DNK 4182

Genius Chess Academy New Delhi won the Soul Chess Tournament on 26th Nov. 2015, organised by Soul to Soul Foundation at Sanskriti School, Chanakya Puri. Total 17 teams took part in this tournament, including many good rated players. 


We congratulate all team members of Genius Chess Academy for this nice achievement !

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