• Mr Sandeep Chitkara receiving Best Tactics-Blitz Prize from Sports Minister Kiran Rijiju; Also Receiving Delhi Best Player Award in 18th Delhi International Open 2020
  • GCA Coaches Sandeep Chitkara and Akshay Anand won prizes at Delhi International Open 2018 !!
  • Mr Sandeep Chitkara with his students Vantika Agrawal & Anishka Vikram at World Youth!
  • GCA Coaches Sandeep Chitkara, Aryan Singh and Akshay Anand won prizes at Delhi International Open 2017 !!
  • GCA Coach Akshay Anand won Delhi State Seniors FIDE Rating Chess Championship 2017!! GCA Coach Aryan Singh got 4th position!
  • GCA Coaches Akshay Anand and Aryan Singh won Punjab State Open Chess Championship 2016 and Delhi State U 25 Chess Championship 2016 respectively !!
  • Vantika Agrawal of Genius Chess Academy won the National Child of the Year award for exceptional achievement in Chess !
  • Delhi State Champions 2017: Abhinav Raj (U 7 Boys, 1st), Anishka Vikram (U 11 Girls, 3rd)
  • Rosh Jain won National Schools Under 7 Chess Championship 2018 !
  • Rosh Jain won silver medal in the Commonwealth Under 8 Open Championship 2018; Abhinav Raj got 4th position in the same category
  • WIM Vantika Agrawal won again National Child of the Year award 2017 for exceptional achievements in Chess !
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 gca about us

Genius Chess Academy provides high quality instruction and professionally run competitions for young chess players of all skill levels. Starting from basics, we go on to train and help beginners get an in-depth knowledge of the game. Apart from this, we also provide adequate training that will help amateurs gradually learn to play the game with skill and tact.

Founded by Mr Sandeep Chitkara, FIDE Instructor/Arbiter and Delhi Premier Coach, the academy offers a wide range of activities for school children. Any student can become a competent chess player with the proper program of instruction. The comprehensive course created by Mr Sandeep Chitkara does exactly that, giving each student the precise material they need at every stage of their development.

Our Chess Academy is dedicated to providing effective chess teaching to young students. The game of chess is known to enhance the development of valuable critical thinking and creative problem solving skills in children that later can be applied in math and science. Chess is a universal learning tool; it offers a rare combination of learning and playing. Many of our Chess Academy students have achieved great results and became top players in the Delhi/NCR and performing well in National & International Championships. Nearly 80 of our students are FIDE Rated players

We provide active ways of learning such as effort with puzzle solving, memorizing for improved memory, frequent testing and evaluation to ensure effective learning. Chess is a sport! Children who are interested in competing in chess tournaments gets best available help on how to improve and prepare for chess competition. Participation in competitions is an important part of the chess training. It develops many great skills as well as work well under stress, take defeat with a grace and to respect friends and opponents.

The mission of this academy is to identify upcoming players and mold them into world class professionals. To achieve this lofty ideal, we provide them competent coaching before sending them for tournaments. We arrange classes for beginners, intermediate, advanced and club players. In this air-conditioned academy, we have all the facilities required for the budding players from computer to modern chess playing programs. Doesn't matter how good the player is, without exposure and experience, he can't give his best to the game. As he should be aware of Do's and Dont's in the tournaments.

We believe that constant exposure makes chess players gain confidence, besides enhancing their skill of the game. In order to facilitate this, we incessantly conduct leagues, tournaments, championship matches and friendly matches. This throws open tremendous opportunities, especially for players who dream of leaving an indelible mark in this enthralling game. We firmly believe that the players have to enjoy respect and adoration in the society, which will make them psychologically at ease. Our dream is to be the best chess academy in the country by producing national-international champions, which ultimately helps in bringing more laurels and medals to our country.