Yogender Prakash is a FIDE Rated Player and Certified Coach. He is a full time coach of our C R Park Centre. He has a training experience of 6+ years at State level.

He is a Post Graduate from Delhi University. He is very sincere teacher for beginners and Intermediate Students. 


Achievements as a Coach:

  • Shivika Rohilla got 2nd position in Delhi State Under 7 Girls Chess Championship 2014
  • Katyayni Sharma got 2nd position in Delhi State Under 7 Girls Chess Championship 2015
  • Rishit Mathur got 5th position in Delhi State Under 7 Championship 2015
  • Jay Kakar got FIDE Rating in Nov. 2015. He is one of the youngest rated players of delhi
  • Worked as a Chess Coach in DPS Noida, Sadhu Vaswani School and Presidium School


Achievements as a Player

  • Played well in Parsvnath International 2015 Tournament and got FIDE Rating 
  • 1st position in Delhi University Chess Tournament 2013
  • 2nd position at LSR Meet in Individual and Team Category  
  • 3rd position in BITS Pilani Chess Festival
  • Secure good positions in many tournament at state level


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